Jim Normile, A Man With A Plan


As Featured in Top Agent Magazine…

When he entered real estate, Jim Normile could have been content to do things well enough. But as a retired U.S. Marine, he was accustomed to efficiency and excellence. In the military, lives depended upon those traits. As a real estate professional, they have helped him build a thriving business. In his 15-year career, Normile has sold more than 4,000 homes. Soon after entering the industry, he developed a specialty in new home construction. From the start, he set out to discover the very best way to sell new homes, but he encountered roadblocks. “I read every ‘how to sell’ guide I could find,” he says. “I listened to every motivational speaker. None of this taught me a process for building up volume.”


After 21 years in the Marine Corps, having traveled in 52 countries and served in three wars, Normile knows that everything works better when it is systematized. Since no one else seemed to have a well-defined system, he decided to create his own. “I went back to my military training and the CIA intelligence cycle: planning, collection, processing, anal- ysis and dissemination,” he says. This process helped him identify the best ways to sell new homes, as well as the best method of building relationships with potential clients. As a result, Normile now represents four of the National Homebuilders Association’s Top 100 builders. Normile formed relationships with builders and then put his plan into action using a SWOT analysis, which assesses strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, or as Normile prefers to call them, the competition. The end result is that Normile, the builders and the agents with whom he works have all enjoyed a continual upsurge of success. “Our defining goal in new home sales is to find that competitive advantage,” he says. “You have to start with the answer every day.” Right now, the answer for Normile is becoming a mentor to other agents. Normile sold his franchises in favor of spending more time teaching other agents the things he has learned over the past 15 years. His first book, “Responsible Influence in New Home Sales,” was recently published and was made available through every major bookseller. The book outlines the method he has used to make his clients’ businesses a success, and thereby make himself a success.


He is also passing on his wisdom in his own office. Normile has worked with agents Pam Kielkucki, Christine Arnold, Heather O’Brien, Stephanie Osborne and Lari Brissette for as long as 10 years, and is working with them in partnership to serve his largest clients. Several of the builders, already recognized as regional leaders, are making the move to the national market, and Normile and his fellow agents will employ his system and their considerable experience and talent to make the transition a smooth one. Normile will remain steadfast because he has learned universal lessons that he knows lead to success. “I’m very blessed to have done well in this industry, and my self-discipline has added to my success,” he says. “It doesn’t matter what your skill set or business plan is. If you don’t have some discipline, you can’t perform at a high level in this business or any other.”